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Public Health Advocacy Institute

at Northeastern University School of Law

360 Huntington Avenue, 117CU

Boston, MA 02115


Providing Legal Expertise to Support Public Health Policy

The Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center provides legal technical assistance and policy support for community educators and elected officials…

Tobacco Companies Target Disadvantaged Communities

Disadvantaged communities today are burdened by a disproportionate number of tobacco stores, more prolific and prominent tobacco advertising in those…

Tobacco Companies Recruit Children in Our Stores

The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars each year marketing their products in stores-to recruit new youth smokers…

Laws of New York

New York State is a leader in tobacco control policy. Learn more about New York’s tobacco control policies here…

Other Tobacco Products

The use of non-cigarette tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco, hookah, and e-cigarettes is on the rise. Check out the latest on these products…

Healthy Food Retail

The food retail environment largely determines availability of, access to, and utilization of healthy food, with public health implications…

Policy Areas

Retail Environment marketing of tobacco products drives youth initiation and health disparities–and there are policies to reduce exposure to this harmful marketing.

smoke-free-housing-thumbnailTobacco-Free Housing reduces inequitable secondhand exposure to tobacco use at home.

Educational Messaging drives community readiness for policy change.

Tobacco-Free Outdoors protect the public from secondhand exposure and promote a tobacco-free norm.

Other Tobacco Productsother-tobacco-products-thumbnail such as smokeless tobacco, hookah, and e-cigarettes threaten public health gains.

new-york-state-law-thumbnailLaws of New York, at the state and local levels, regulate the sales and use of tobacco products.

Youth Initiation of tobacco use is driven by retail marketing in community stores.

Tobacco Litigationpublic-health-policy-litigation-thumbnail is a powerful tool available to public health advocates to protect necessary federal, state, and local tobacco controls.

Health Equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to lead a healthier life.

Healthy Food Retailhealthy-retailers-thumbnail provides individuals and families with nutritious, accessible food choices close to home.

Cancer Screeningcancer-screening-thumbnail can increase survivorship, reduce health care costs, and help maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

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