Policy Areas

main_retail_environmentRetail Environment Tobacco marketing and promotion at the point of sale is a significant factor in youth smoking initiation-and the tobacco industry knows it.

main_product_pricingProduct Pricing Increasing taxes on tobacco products and eliminating tobacco tax evasion helps to reduce tobacco use.

main_smoke_free_housingSmoke-Free Housing Because smoke travels between units, smoking in multi-unit housing can sicken neighbors.

main_tobacco_free_outdoor_areasTobacco-Free Outdoor Areas Tobacco-free policies protect the public from second hand smoke and improve the environment as well.

main_healthy_retailersHealthy Retailers Assist retailers to successfully market healthful food options and provide individuals and families with nutritious options close to home.

main_other_tobacco_productsOther Tobacco Products The use of non-cigarette tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco, hookas, and e-cigarettes is on the rise.

main_nys_lawNew York State Law Summaries of New York law related to tobacco.

main_recent_casesTobacco Litigation Summaries of recent and ongoing lawsuits related to tobacco.

main_cancer_screeningCancer Screening Information concerning Cancer screening.