Early Detection Can Make All the Difference

Obtaining regular screenings for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer can detect risk factors early, increase treatment options and improve...

Healthier Retailers

Many communities provide limited access to full-service grocery stores for their residents. Those who live in these areas often rely on corner stores...

Other Tobacco Products

The use of non-cigarette tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco, hookah and e-cigarettes is on the rise. Check out the latest on these products...

Public Health Policy and Litigation

Public health policies sometimes appear at odds with business interests—but this is not always the case.  Nevertheless, public health regulations...

Tobacco Companies Recruit Our Children in Almost Every Store

The Tobacco Industry spends billions of dollars each year at the Point of Sale, turning the retail environment into a recruitment center.  Most...

Providing Legal Expertise to Support Public Health Policy

The Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy provides policy support for communities pursuing public health policies.  Communities benefit from...

Policy Areas

main_retail_environmentRetail Environment Tobacco marketing and promotion at the point of sale is a significant factor in youth smoking initiation-and the tobacco industry knows it.



Smoke-Free Housing Because smoke travels between units, smoking in multi-unit housing can sicken neighbors.



Healthy Retailers Assist retailers to successfully market healthful food options and provide individuals and families with nutritious options close to home.



New York State Law Summaries of New York law related to tobacco.



State of Vermont Information concerning state law and tobacco control efforts in Vermont.

main_product_pricing Product Pricing Increasing taxes on tobacco products and eliminating tobacco tax evasion helps to reduce tobacco use.



Tobacco-Free Outdoor Areas Tobacco-free policies protect the public from second hand smoke and improve the environment as well.



Other Tobacco Products The use of non-cigarette tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco, hookas, and e-cigarettes is on the rise.



Recent Cases Summaries of recent and ongoing lawsuits related to tobacco.



Cancer Screening Information concerning Cancer screening.