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Other Tobacco Products

Evidence-based tobacco controls have delivered meaningful public health gains by reducing cigarette smoking and decreasing the social acceptability of tobacco use. Yet, sales and use of non-cigarette tobacco products, such as smokeless tobacco, hookah, and cigars have remained constant or even increased. Meanwhile, youth use of e-cigarettes is skyrocketing. All tobacco products are harmful to health, and use of any tobacco product subverts a community’s tobacco-free norm. Unfortunately, many consumers (including youth) incorrectly perceive non-cigarette tobacco products as low-risk, which increases their willingness to experiment with these toxic, addictive products. “Other Tobacco Products” are often cheaper than cigarettes, and feature youth-appealing flavors. By no coincidence, youth and young adults use these products at higher rates than adults, with many becoming unwittingly addicted. Visit our resources below to learn more about including Other Tobacco Products in local tobacco controls.


Our tobacco control resources have been removed until further notice.

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