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Laws of New York

New York LawTobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death. State and local government regulation of these deadly products is warranted and necessary to prevent consumers from starting tobacco use and support addicted users trying to quit. Accordingly, New York State and its municipalities have enacted measures regulating tobacco product use and sales. These policies foster New York’s tobacco-free norm, and counter tobacco companies’ efforts to present tobacco use as a reasonable and appealing choice.

Click the hyperlinks below to visit our summaries of pertinent laws of New York State and New York City, and visit our resources describing current tobacco controls in the state and progressive local tobacco controls regulating the tobacco retail environment. Our Story Map further reflects relevant local point-of-sale policies enacted in New York State.



A Citizen's Guide to New York Tobacco Controls
Guide providing an overview of current federal and New York state tobacco controls, as well as contact information for their appropriate enforcement agencies.

Point of Sale Policy: New York Communities Taking Action
Guide identifying progressive local tobacco controls that limit tobacco industry influence in the retail environment.

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