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Outside Resources

New York Resources

New York Department of Health Bureau of Tobacco Control
The New York State Department of Health Bureau of Tobacco Control (BTC) implements evidence-based and promising strategies to prevent and reduce tobacco use throughout New York. The BTC website contains useful information concerning tobacco control policies and links to community-based tobacco control programs throughout New York.

New York State Cancer Consortium
The New York State Cancer Consortium (NYSCC) is a network of individuals and organizations that collaborate to address the cancer burden in New York State. The site contains tools and resources for individuals and organizations interested in cancer prevention efforts.

New York State’s Health Rules, Regulations, and Laws
Compilation of the rules, regulations, and laws of New York State.

Tobacco Free New York
Resources for individuals and organizations interested in reducing the burden of tobacco on New Yorkers, including links to local community partnerships.

SmokeFreeHousingNY is comprised of community partnerships assisting public housing authorities, nonprofit community development corporations and market rate apartment management companies to adopt no-smoking policies in their communities.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Tobacco Control
New York City’s tobacco control program provides information about tobacco control laws and enforcement activities, resources for quitting smoking, and other information for city employees, media, researchers, tobacco retailers, and healthcare providers.

Federal Public Health Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Smoking and Tobacco Use
CDC Resources concerning tobacco control, cancer prevention and the national objectives to guide health promotion and disease prevention.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs
One of CDC’s Best Practice User Guides, this report identifies evidence-based policies that may be implemented at the state and local levels to reduce tobacco use.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Health Equity in Tobacco Prevention and Control
One of the CDC’s Best Practices User Guides, this report guides readers in making the case for health equity in tobacco control, including suggested state and local policy solutions to reduce disparities in tobacco use.

Consortium of National Networks to Impact Populations Experiencing Tobacco-Related and Cancer Health Disparities
The partnership provides leadership on and promotion of evidence based approaches for prevention of commercial tobacco use and cancer. This includes facilitating and providing education, training, and technical assistance that complement other CDC-funded chronic disease program activities.

Surgeon General: National Prevention Strategy
Resource identifying the shifting focus from illness and disease to prevention and wellness. Find links to resources for tobacco control, active living, healthy eating and other health priorities.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
HUD has published position statements, formal guidance and toolkits on smoke-free housing.  Most recently, HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes published An Action Guide to Establishing Smoke-Free Public Housing in Multifamily Properties.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products
The FDA website contains information on tobacco products and their use, as well as enforcement of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. One of their many valuable tools is their U.S. Health and Human Services Community Guide.

Multi-State Tobacco Control Resources

Interactive real-time tracking of state legislation concerning tobacco and nicotine.
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials tracks and analyzes legislation across the states to identify trends and emerging issues impacting public health and state health agencies. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation map providing a nationwide picture of state efforts on key tobacco control policies.

Smokefree Lists, Maps, and Data
Americans for NonSmokers’ Rights provides information about state and local tobacco control policies.

Smoke-Free State and Local Campaigns
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network map reflecting smoke-free air laws in each state.

State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention resource for current and historical state-level data on tobacco use, prevention and control.

Tobacco Control Network
The Tobacco Control Network (TCN) is comprised of the tobacco control program managers and additional staff from each U.S. state and territorial health agency and the health department of the District of Columbia.

Tobacco Policy Project/State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Issues (SLATI)
The American Lung Association’s SLATI tracks state tobacco control laws.

U.S. State and Local Issues State Tobacco Taxes
The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids provides links to key U.S. state and tobacco taxes.

Trinkets & Trash: Artifacts of the Tobacco Epidemic
Surveillance system and archive that monitors, collects and documents current and historic tobacco products and tobacco industry marketing materials and tactics for research and educational purposes. Find images of advertisements, direct mailings, e-mails, sweepstakes, coupon promotions and brand websites.

 Tobacco Industry/Litigation documents

Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
Resource for tobacco industry documents relating to product advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research activities.

Tobacco industry documents made available through the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.

 Nonprofit and Advocacy Resources in Public Health

Action on Smoking & Health
ASH takes action against the tobacco epidemic on a global scale. Their goal is to see U.S. tobacco control through a global lens, and to see global tobacco control through a U.S. lens.

American Cancer Society
The ACS website provides information on cancer prevention, including prevention through tobacco control policies and increasing healthy behaviors.

American Heart Association
The AHA is devoted to fighting cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Their website provides information about policies and programs designed to improve cardiovascular health, including tobacco control policies and policies designed to increase healthy behaviors.

American Lung Association
The ALA uses education, advocacy and research to prevent lung disease. Their website contains data and information on smoking cessation, tobacco control policies and other health issues.

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights
ANR is an advocacy organization providing information on tobacco control policies and laws as well as tobacco industry activities. The organization also maintains a database of local tobacco control laws and regulations from around the country.

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
ASTHO represents public health agencies in the United States. ASTHO members formulate and influence sound public health policy and ensure excellence in state-based public health practice. ASTHO’s primary function is to track, evaluate, and advise members on the impact and formation of public or private health policy which may affect them and to provide them with guidance and technical assistance on improving the nation’s health.

Bridging the Gap: Research Informing Policies and Practices for Healthy Youth
A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program dedicated to improving the understanding of how policies and environmental factors influence many aspects of health, including youth tobacco use. The website provides information on the latest research, including research briefs and news articles.

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
The Campaign is dedicated to reducing tobacco use and its deadly toll in the United States and around the world. Their website contains information about youth tobacco use, industry activities and national and international tobacco control efforts.

*ChangeLab Solutions – Tobacco Control, Childhood Obesity Prevention and Healthy Planning
ChangeLab Solutions provides community-based policy solutions to address public health issues, such as chronic disease and tobacco use. Their website includes a variety of resources such as reports, fact sheets and toolkits to assist public health advocates and decision makers in the areas of tobacco control, childhood obesity prevention and healthy planning, among others.

*Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center
The Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center at Northeastern University School of Law is a resource for communities striving to improve public health through implementing evidence-based policies.

A resource for local, state and national organizations working to counteract tobacco product sales and marketing at the point of sale, this website contains information about industry marketing strategies, evidence-based policy options and advocacy materials.

*Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy (New Jersey GASP)
GASP is a tobacco control policy and legal resource center providing educational information and technical assistance on tobacco control policy in New Jersey.

*Legal Resource Center for Public Health Policy
The Legal Resource Center for Health Policy at the University of Maryland School of Law is dedicated to providing legal support to communities, community groups, employers, local governments, and state legislators and agencies interested in reducing the negative health consequences of tobacco use.

National Association of County & City Health Officials
NACCHO provides information on a range of public health topics, including tobacco control and chronic disease prevention. NACCHO’s Toolbox contains a collection of fact sheets and reports, templates, training materials and other valuable public health tools.

National Association of Local Boards of Health
NALBOH provides education and training materials on a range of public health topics, including tobacco control and chronic disease prevention.

*The Public Health Advocacy Institute
PHAI at Northeastern University School of Law is committed to research in public health law, public health policy development and provides legal technical assistance in the areas of tobacco control and childhood obesity.

*Public Health Law Center – Tobacco Control
The Public Health Law Center at Mitchell Hamline School of Law conducts research and provides information on a variety of public health topics, including tobacco control, healthy eating and active living. Research reports, policy briefs, fact sheets and other resources are available on the website.

*Smoke-Free Environments Law Project (SFELP)
The Smoke-Free Environments Law Project at the Center for Social Gerontology provides information, consultation and advice for businesses, local government and individuals in Michigan on policies and practices to protect employees and the general public from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and to address the legal requirements and liability issues related to ETS.

National and international tobacco-related news and information.

Tobacconomics.org, provides advocates with information about the economics of tobacco use, including the influence of tobacco product pricing strategies on use rates.

Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium (TTAC)
Located at Emory University, TTAC assists organizations to develop effective tobacco control programs. Additionally, the website contains resources for tobacco control advocates including research reports and evidence-based policy options.

Truth Initiative
Created as a part of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, the American Legacy Foundation provides information on personal and social factors that contribute to tobacco use among young people and adults, as well as the impact of tobacco control policies on tobacco use.

Washington University in St. Louis, Center for Public Health Systems Science
WUSTL’s CPHSS conducts research and evaluation aimed at shaping public health policy and systems. Their reports are designed to provide public health policy professionals, including tobacco control partners, with practical guidance on selecting and implementing evidence-based tobacco control strategies. Their collaborative, evidence-based publications include tobacco control guides and Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs User Guides. Explore their website for additional publications and descriptions current research on promising tobacco control initiatives.

*Affiliate of the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, a legal network for tobacco control policy.

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