Other Tobacco Products

Evidence-based tobacco controls have delivered meaningful public health gains through declining rates of cigarette use and decreasing the social acceptability of tobacco use. Yet, sales and use of non-cigarette tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco, hookah, and electronic cigarettes have remained constant or even increased. All tobacco products are harmful to health and use of any tobacco product subverts a community’s tobacco-free norm. Unfortunately, many users (including youth) incorrectly perceive non-cigarette tobacco products as low-risk, which increases their willingness to experiment with these toxic, addictive products. “Other Tobacco Products” are often sold in smaller, cheaper packages, and feature youth-appealing flavors. By no coincidence, youth and young adults use these products at higher rates than adults, with many becoming unwittingly addicted to nicotine, and ultimately migrating to cigarette use. Visit our resources below to learn more about other tobacco products and how to include these products in local tobacco controls.


Local Regulation of E-Cigarettes
Technical report describing the growing e-cigarette industry and the public health rationale for regulating these products. Includes model regulating e-cigarette use, illustrating how to incorporate these products into proposed and existing tobacco regulation.

Incorporating E-Cigarettes into Existing or Proposed Tobacco Controls: An Example
Model ordinance showcasing how to successfully incorporate e-cigarettes in existing local tobacco controls (using the example of indoor and outdoor use restrictions), including a comprehensive model definition for e-cigarettes that can be used in other policies such as sales regulations.

Hookah Bars and New York's Clean Indoor Air Act
Guide providing an overview of the health harms of hookah use and New York regulation of hookah bars (including the Clean Indoor Air Act).

Why Regulate the Sale of E-cigarettes?
Fact sheet briefly describing the rationale for regulating Electronic Aerosol Delivery Systems (e.g., e-cigarettes) alongside conventional tobacco products.

Why Regulate the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products?
Fact sheet briefly describing the public health rationale for regulating the sale of flavored tobacco products.

Why Regulate the Sale of Hookah Tobacco?
Fact sheet briefly describing the public health rationale for regulating the sale of hookah/shisha.