Other Tobacco Products

iStock_000013474878XSmall (1)With increasing restrictions on smoking in public places, many people have bridged the gap between smoking opportunities with other tobacco products, such as smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes. Additionally, hookah bars have become popular, particularly among younger adults. Many who use these other tobacco products do not realize the dangers associated with their use (or, in the case of electronic cigarettes, the lack of long-term evidence to support their safety).

State and local governments have the authority to regulate the use of these products.  For more information, see our publications below or contact tobacco@nesl.edu.

For information regarding policies applicable to Vermont, see here.

E-Cigarette Fact Sheet

A fact sheet describing e-cigarettes, their legal status, and state and local policy options to address them.


Hookah Bars Ways & Means

Describing Hookah Bars and New York’s Clean Indoor Air Act.