Other Tobacco Products

While smoking rates have declined over the past decades, youth and young adults are increasingly using other tobacco products, such as smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes. Additionally, hookah bars have become popular, particularly among younger adults. Many users of these other tobacco products do not realize the dangers associated with their use (or, in the case of electronic cigarettes, the lack of long-term evidence to support their safety).

State and local governments have the authority to regulate the use of these products. For more information, see our publications below or contact the Center at tobacco@tobaccopolicycenter.org.


E-Cigarette Fact Sheet
A fact sheet describing e-cigarettes, their legal status, and state and local policy options to address them.

Incorporating E-cigarettes into Existing or Proposed Tobacco Controls: An Example
A model ordinance illustrating inclusion of e-cigarettes in local tobacco controls (using the example of indoor and outdoor use restrictions). The ordinance includes a broader name and model definition for e-cigarettes that can be used in other policies as well (such as sales regulations).

Local Regulation of E-Cigarettes
A technical report describing evolving e-cigarette technology and the rationale for regulating the products. Includes model use regulation to illustrate how e-cigarettes may be incorporated into proposed and existing tobacco regulation.

Model Local Ordinance to Prohibit Tobacco and E-cigarette Use in Specified Indoor and Outdoor Areas
Model use ordinance that includes electronic cigarettes.

Why Regulate the Sale of E-cigarettes?
This fact sheet briefly describes the rationale for regulating Electronic Aerosol Delivery Systems (e-cigarettes) alongside conventional tobacco products.


Hookah Bars Ways & Means
Guide describing Hookah Bars and New York’s Clean Indoor Air Act.

Why Regulate the Sale of Hookah Tobacco?
This fact sheet briefly describes the rationale for regulating the sale of hookah tobacco.

Why Regulate the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products?
This fact sheet briefly describes the rationale for regulating the sale of flavored tobacco products.

A Citizen’s Guide to New York Tobacco Controls
Guide describing certain federal and New York State tobacco controls and identifying the appropriate enforcement agency for reporting of potential violations.