Retail Environment

Tobacco companies spend a massive amount of money marketing their products in stores.  This includes payments to tobacco retailers to place tobacco products in the most visible locations in the stores, provide price-discounting promotions and place marketing materials in prominent places visible both inside and outside the store.  As a result, all consumers, including young people under the age of 18, are exposed to a substantial amount of tobacco marketing.  While there are several factors that contribute to adolescent smoking, tobacco advertising and promotion at retail stores where tobacco products are sold (also referred to as the “point of sale”) is undoubtedly one of the most significant.

For information about what Vermont communities can do to address point of sale tobacco advertising, see our report Addressing the Point of Sale: Options for Reducing Youth Tobacco Use in Vermont and our Vermont POS Toolkit

For community coalitions conducting community education about the issue, see our Educating Community Leaders Toolkit and Educating Community Leaders Powerpoint Template,

For those concerned about the sale of tobacco products in Vermont’s pharmacies, see our report Prohibiting Tobacco Sales in Vermont’s Pharmacies.