State of Vermont


The State of Vermont has made considerable progress in reducing smoking among youth and adults. This can be attributed in part to Vermont’s state tobacco control laws. Vermont presently requires tobacco retailers to obtain a license, restrict youth access to tobacco, limit second-hand smoke exposure, and tax tobacco products. Although progress has been made in reducing rates of smoking, additional policy measures could be implemented to counteract the impact of the tobacco industry’s marketing efforts and to continue to reduce tobacco use. The Center for Public Health and Tobacco Control supports the Department of Health as well as communities throughout Vermont relative to developing policies to reduce tobacco use in their communities.

For more information about the center’s work in Vermont, please see the publications below.

Vermont’s Legal Landscape

Report describing the legal framework of Vermont’s tobacco control laws.

Addressing the Point of Sale: Options for Reducing Youth Tobacco Use in Vermont

Technical report discussing policy options for reducing youth tobacco use.

Vermont POS Toolkit

A set of factsheets describing the point of sale tobacco marketing problem and its impact on youth.

Educating Community Leaders Powerpoint Template

A powerpoint template developed to support Vermont’s Community Coalitions as they educate community leaders on the problem of point-of-sale marketing. This powerpoint was created as part of the Community Leaders Toolkit.

Educating Community Leaders Toolkit

Materials designed to support Vermont’s Community Coalitions as they plan and prepare for meetings and educate community leaders.

Creating Smoke Free Spaces: Policy Options to Reduce Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Tobacco Use in Vermont

Report exploring policies to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and tobacco use in Vermont.

Prohibiting Tobacco Sales in Vermont’s Pharmacies

Report discussing the public health problems presented when pharmacies, a trusted healthcare resource, sell tobacco products which are inherently dangerous to health. This report also includes information which may support community education related to a policy prohibiting pharmacy sales of tobacco products.

Tobacco Product Pricing Policy in Vermont

Report describing the relationship between product price and tobacco use. This report includes policy examples and related considerations and best practices.

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