Center staff members have participated in presentations hosted by sister centers.

You Don’t Say? Tobacco & the First Amendment
Provides an overview of the evolving commercial speech doctrine and explain the different tests that courts apply to laws regulating commercial speech.  They will highlight First Amendment challenges to tobacco control laws and policies, and discuss the potential impact of recent court rulings on the future of tobacco regulation.

Policy Options for Combating Tobacco Industry Price Discounting
This webinar explains the public health importance of strategies to restrict tobacco price discounting, and it will outline the various options that state and local governments might consider in limiting tobacco price discounting, as well as the legal issues implicated by such policy options.

Regulating Tobacco in the Retail Environment: Walking Through the Corner Store
This webinar discusses tobacco control policies that apply at the point-of-sale, using the perspective of a customer standing in the midst of a tobacco retailer’s store.  Concepts will include how tobacco products are placed, promoted and advertised within the store, the types of products available for sale, and where the store itself is located. The webinar will discuss both practical and legal issues associated with these policy options.

Policy Options for Restricting Tobacco Sampling and Couponing
This webinar discusses the impact that marketing strategies have on the price of tobacco products and the effects that price reductions have on consumption rates. It explains the importance of policies prohibiting tobacco sampling and limiting the distribution and redemption of tobacco coupons, and outlines various policy options that state and local governments might consider to limit these industry practices.