Research Reports

Retail Environment

Cause and Effect: Tobacco Marketing Increases Youth Tobacco Use
Excerpts from the 2012 Surgeon General's Report "Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults."

Reducing Youth Exposure to Tobacco Marketing
Report exploring policies to reduce exposure to tobacco marketing at the point-of-sale through comprehensive licensing, zoning and board of health rules.

Tobacco Retail Licensing
Technical Report describing policy options for regulating the number, type and location of tobacco retail establishments in New York.


Vermont's Legal Landscape
Report describing the legal framework of Vermont's tobacco control laws.

Addressing the Point of Sale: Options for Reducing Youth Tobacco Use in Vermont
Technical report discussing policy options for reducing youth tobacco use.

Creating Smoke Free Spaces: Policy Options to Reduce Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Tobacco Use in Vermont
Report exploring policies to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and tobacco use in Vermont.

Prohibiting Tobacco Sales in Vermont's Pharmacies
Report discussing the public health problems presented when pharmacies, a trusted healthcare resource, sell tobacco products which are inherently dangerous to health. This report also includes information which may support community education related to a policy prohibiting pharmacy sales of tobacco products.

Tobacco Product Pricing Policy in Vermont
Report describing the relationship between product price and tobacco use. This report includes policy examples and related considerations and best practices.

Product Pricing

Tobacco Price Promotion: Policy Responses to Industry Price Manipulation
Technical Report describing the relationship between product price and tobacco use, industry methods of price manipulation, and policy options to maintain higher prices on tobacco products.

Tobacco Price Promotion: Local Regulation of Discount Coupons and Certain Value-Added Sales
Technical report and model policy to prohibit redemption of coupons and other price promotions at the point of sale.

Cigarette Tax Evasion Technical Report
This report examines the major sources of tax evasion in New York State and analyzes related legal issues. It addresses untaxed sales by Native American retailers, online cigarette sales, and cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting.

Healthy Environments

Healthy Retailing: Improving Access to Healthy Foods at the Corner Store
A technical report on healthy food retail licensing, zoning, and voluntary programs

Cancer Screening

Cancer Screenings: Workplace Policies to Improve Cancer Screening Rates
A technical report on workplace policies to improve preventive cancer screening rates.