Tobacco-Free Outdoor Areas

Smoke-Free Outdoors Toolkit

Smoke-Free Housing

New York Guide to Smoke Free Condominiums
A guide outlining the steps necessary to establish a smokefree policy in condominium housing.

New York Guide to Smoke Free Housing Cooperatives
A guide outlining the steps necessary to establish a smokefree policy in cooperative housing.

New York Tenants' Guide to Smoke Free Housing
This guide provides information to tenants about their rights relative to secondhand smoke in a multi-unit building, and guidance on how to work with neighbors and property owners to reduce or eliminate secondhand smoke.

Smoke Free Housing New York Landlord Toolkit
A toolkit for landlords wishing to adopt smoke-free policies for their property.

Retail Environment

Countering Common Concerns: Prohibiting the Sale of Tobacco Products at Pharmacies
A document reviewing the common concerns related to prohibiting the pharmacy sale of tobacco products.

New York State Law

A Citizen's Guide to New York Tobacco Controls
This guide is a single tobacco control resource for New York citizens. This Guide presents current federal and state legal constraints on tobacco products in New York, along with the entity responsible for enforcing each control.


Educating Community Leaders Toolkit
Materials designed to support Vermont's Community Coalitions as they plan and prepare for meetings and educate community leaders.

Vermont POS Toolkit
A set of factsheets describing the point of sale tobacco marketing problem and its impact on youth.

Public Comments

Participatory Rulemaking: A Guide to Locating and Commenting on Proposed Federal Regulations
A Ways & Means guide describing how to comment on proposed federal regulation.