Fact Sheets & Other Publications

Tobacco-Free Outdoor Areas

Smoke-Free Outdoor Air Map and List
Map and List of New York municipalities which have adopted smoke- or tobacco-free outdoors policies

Creating Smoke Free Spaces: Policy Options to Reduce Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Tobacco Use in Vermont

Retail Environment

Influencing Youth at the POS
A set of factsheets describing the point of sale tobacco marketing problem and its impact on youth.

Retail Stores as Recruitment Centers
Fact sheet illustrating the manner in which tobacco marketing in the retail environment targets youth.

The POS Problem in Numbers
Statistics associated with tobacco industry presence at the point of sale.

Marketing Expenditures by Tobacco Industry
Fact sheet comparing tobacco industry spending on total marketing expenditures, point of sale expenditures, and price expenditures.

Disparities Fact Sheet
Fact sheet explaining the disproportionate impact of tobacco marketing on youths, minorities, racial and ethnic minorities, and those of low income and education.

Pharmacies Send Mixed Messages: Giving the Green, Yellow, and Red Lights to Smoking
Fact sheet describing the problems associated with tobacco sales by pharmacies.

Tobacco Retailer Number, Density & Location: Effects on Youth and Other Vulnerable Populations
A fact sheet describing the effect that density, location and numbers of tobacco retailers have on tobacco use.

Just the Facts: Tobacco Retail Licensing
Fact sheet briefly describing the role tobacco retail licensing may play in reducing tobacco use.

Legal Issues: Tobacco Retail Licensing
Fact sheet briefly describing some of the legal issues to be considered when crafting a tobacco retail licensing system.

Effect of Point of Sale Displays on Youth
Fact sheet describing the particular effect that tobacco point of sale displays have on youth.

Vermont POS Toolkit
A set of factsheets describing the point of sale tobacco marketing problem and its impact on youth.

New York State Law

Tobacco Use and Schools: Summary of Current Laws Applicable to New York Schools
This fact sheet summarizes the state and federal laws that address tobacco use in New York schools and on school grounds.

Other Tobacco Products

E-Cigarettes Fact Sheet
Fact sheet describing e-cigarettes, their legal status, and local policy options.

Hookah Bars and New York's Clean Indoor Air Act
Resource describing Hookah bars and New York's Clean Indoor Air Act.

Product Pricing

Just the Facts: New York Cigarette Marketing Standards Act
A fact sheet breaking down the New York State Minimum Cigarette Price Law

Cancer Screening

Paid Leave-A benefit for employers and employees
Fact Sheet describing the rationale for paid leave to improve cancer screening rates and providing examples of policy implementation.

Developing a Paid Leave Policy
Checklist of considerations when developing a paid leave policy