About Us

The Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy (Center) is a resource for communities striving to improve public health through implementing evidence-based policies. The center is funded to work with the New York State cancer prevention program and the tobacco control programs of both New York and Vermont to develop and support policy initiatives that reduce tobacco-related morbidity and mortality as well as other chronic diseases. Specifically, the center provides support for policies that reduce the availability of tobacco products; protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke; minimize tobacco advertising and promotion; increase cancer screening rates; and promote healthy behaviors.

The center is affiliated with the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium and is part of the Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) at Northeastern University Law School. PHAI dedicates its legal and advocacy expertise to improve the understanding, commitment, and effectiveness of policymakers and lawyers to protect public health.

Please Note:  The center is funded to provide assistance to the Tobacco Control Programs of New York and Vermont, the Cancer Prevention program of New York, program contractors and partners.  At this time, the center is unable to provide assistance to individuals or groups who are not funded by these programs.

Programs funded by the New York State or Vermont Tobacco Control or Cancer Prevention programs can contact us to request technical assistance.  We will respond to your request as soon as possible.